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What’s the point of mindfulness in the workplace?

Mindfulness – it’s everywhere isn’t it?!

Every other article on LinkedIn, in the Sunday papers and popping up in your Twitter feed talks about how mindfulness is the route to happiness and can change your life forever. 

But what does it really mean and how can it help in the workplace?

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The Journey of a Mindfulness Practice

If I am honest, my interest in mindfulness journey started because of my inner bully! For a dozen years, I had that bullying voice telling me I had to do and be my best. I hadn’t really recognised it as a bully, I saw it as inspiring, it created my drive.  

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Finding Happiness

At Fresh Air Fridays whenever we run courses for individuals or organisations, we talk about all sorts of outcomes that people might experience. Sometimes I want to simplify the whole thing and say “you will be happier”.

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Let’s Talk About The L-word

No, not loser or lemons.  But LOVE.

I have a confession. I’m a bit uncomfortable with the L-word, especially when it’s joined by two others to make the ultimate three-word sentence — I LOVE YOU.

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I love the fact that at Fresh Air Fridays we explore Space and Celebration in December. Whilst many people can see the celebration side, quite often the ‘space’ bit seems completely unrealistic, “nice in theory for those people that have time, but they don’t have the stuff I have to deal with!”

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I have a confession…

I know the importance of looking after my physical and mental health and support others in making time to do this for themselves.  Yet I’ve just spent a week feeling proper poorly with a cold.  Without doubt, this is the consequence of a particularly stressful and difficult few weeks for me and some of the most important people in my life.

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The importance of teams…

Throughout October our Fresh Air Fridays community is talking about ‘Team’ because, as the saying goes: ‘No (wo)man is an island’.

Here are just some of the reasons we cover this topic.

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Creatures of habit…

On our Fresh Air Fridays’ sessions this month the theme we’re exploring is habits. It’s not just about the things we do though, it’s also about our thinking habits.

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Mental Health Awareness Week – a personal story

Our founder, Ruth Steggles, shares her story about the encounter with mental illness that led to awareness and, eventually, the creation of Fresh Air Fridays.

On Easter morning 2010, our beautiful daughter broke off one small square of Easter egg, ate it and declared she was full!

That was the moment our lives changed.

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Time to talk – a personal experience

I’m in the doctor’s and he’s given me the prescription for what I’ve come in for. As I get ready to leave he says, “is there anything else, because you look like you’re about to burst into tears?” I start to cry and I can’t stop.

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The daily commute and the part perception plays…

The daily commute and the part perception plays…

Since I’ve been working in an office again, for the first time in nearly 20 years , I have deliberately tried not to learn the train times, knowing that they run at least every 20 minutes during the day.

Over time though, I’ve got to know the times and, the other day, found myself rushing to get a train which, when it arrived, had half the usual number of carriages and was completely full. Some of the people on the platform were obviously very frustrated and I could see that this was going to have an impact on their whole day.

I found myself thinking “that was a bit of a waste of time” before noticing a man standing and looking the other way.

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Create Your Life through Planning

Create your life through planning

I consider myself a free spirit. I don’t like to be told anything and I like a bit of spontaneity. Over the years I have read a whole load of business books about goal setting and planning and have noticed a certain resistance in myself.

Recently though, I’ve invested in a ‘self journal’, which divides my day into half-hour slots. There was a time this would have left me terrified but, having heard how someone else had used it to overcome their struggles, together with an understanding that I could do whatever I wanted, I took the leap.

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