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Fresh Air for schools

I get my kicks from helping young people to be the happiest and healthiest version of themselves, by teaching them simple positive habits so they can take care of their own happiness and wellbeing. I believe that this is the best place to start if we want children to succeed in life. Working with young people, I know I have to walk the talk and lots of what I teach has come from things I practice myself. Being part of Fresh Air Fridays helps keep me topped up so I can be at my best for the people around me. I love how everything seems much simpler when I look at it whilst walking outdoors, it’s as if there is more room inside my head.

When I work in schools I see so many teachers putting their heart and soul into their students, whilst juggling all the other demands of the job, that there’s nothing left in the tank for themselves. Which is why I am excited about bringing the fresh air Friday experience to teachers at school.

You will have chance to connect with your colleagues, learn great tools that will support you and inspire your students, all in a relaxed environment (being outside is much more fun than a training room!).

The Benefits of having Fresh Air Fridays at your school

This is a unique 12 session programme, where you will get to escape the craziness of the classroom, to be in nature, and just stop and breathe. This would be great for your school if you are:

  • Busy and juggling lots of demands
  • You need some breathing space
  • You would like to have more time to connect and support each other as a team
  • You want to refresh and recharge yourself
  • You are keen to look after your own health and wellbeing and you recognise how this can also help those around you.

As a facilitator we see the people in our groups becoming happier and more relaxed. All this whilst being supported by a group of like minded people. When you create space for thought and reflection, it shows up positively in other parts of your life.

This is a fantastic way to connect with our natural environment and in doing so you will have more clarity in your life.

Each session is structured to allow you time to relax, time to reflect, time to create some action plans for steps you intend to take and you will out of doors somewhere lovely.

I would love to chat with you about how we can bring the fresh air to your school, so please get in touch to find out more.

Fresh Air Fridays Leah Sian Davies

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