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I’ve been running my own business as a Nutritional Therapist since 2008 and over the years the reoccurring themes I’ve seen in my clients (and probably myself!) are a lack of energy and feeling stressed with aspects of their life. People are busier, life is busier and we are constantly stimulated from all angles by television, mobile phones, tablets and laptops – we never switch off and as a result many of the people I meet never feel fully relaxed or refreshed.  The incidence of chronic disease is on the rise and our poor diets and frantic lifestyles push us in the direction of inflammation and ill health.  Many people have little ‘niggles’ that they ignore and put up with as just a part of life and I think most of us have forgotten how good we could feel if we made some changes.  I realised a long time ago that changing your diet can have a huge impact on your health but it’s not the full story and no change in diet will cure all ills if we don’t change our lifestyles too.  Relaxation is important as is fresh air and exercise and the ability to feel good about ourselves.

When I heard about Fresh Air Fridays from Ruth I loved the idea and for me it is part of capturing those necessary lifestyle changes to go alongside a change in diet.  It’s an opportunity to take time out of your busy week, to leave the stress of your desk behind and to appreciate being in nature and actually noticing the things around you instead of walking with your head down looking at your mobile.

The Benefits of Joining The Fresh Air Friday Community

When you become a member of the Fresh Air Friday Community, you are making a commitment to yourself to sometimes put yourself first.  Our events give you some breathing space, time to relax, be present and appreciate the good things in life.  For many of us life is really busy and we rarely make the time to rest and rejuvenate.  These gentle walks give you exactly that opportunity.  As facilitators we see the people in our groups becoming happier and more relaxed.  When you create space for thought and reflection it shows up positively in other parts of your life. All this whilst being supported by a group of like minded people.  This is a fantastic way to connect with our natural environment.

Each month you will be sent details of the current coaching theme for you to consider and discuss on your walk. Each walk will have a breathing exercise and a relaxation.  Once you join you are able to attend any of the walks anywhere in the country.

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