How are you?

At Fresh Air Fridays we believe that everyone has the capacity to be happy and that success follows happiness. On our sessions we explore a series of themes designed to focus our thoughts and empower us to really start living the lives we want.

We believe in ‘total wellbeing’ – balancing our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. Being in nature and connecting with others in a meaningful way is vital to that. Read our blog to discover five things that Fresh Air Fridays can do for you.

Curious? Your first session is always FREE with no obligation to join. Sessions run on different days of the week (not just on Fridays). We see that people get the most from Fresh Air Fridays when they join as a member, mainly because they make a commitment to themselves. Our monthly fee is £25-28 per month (or £250 per year if you can pay in a lump sum).  Amazing value!

As a Fresh Air Fridays annual member, you can go on as many sessions as you like, with any of our facilitators. You’ll have access to the themed podcasts, be invited to join our fabulous Facebook group, and get a copy of the Fresh Air Fridays book.

There is also a weekly email, available for free to anyone (members and non-members), which explores the theme of the month in more detail. Click here if you’d like to sign up.

So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch and start living your best life!


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