What’s your challenge?

The need to support the wellbeing of employees and encourage mental and emotional resilience is a challenge we hear regularly. Our experience working in organisations and businesses has shown us that many people know how to look after their physical wellbeing – whether or not they choose to do so – but far fewer know how to look after their mental and emotional wellbeing. When mental, physical or emotional health is poor it has an impact, not only on the person suffering, but on you as an employer too.

Course evaluations show that organisations who have participated in the Fresh Air Fridays Wellbeing for Business programme have staff who are happier, more motivated, more engaged and form more cohesive teams. Participants utilise the skills they have developed and integrated into their work and home lives, increasing their mental and emotional resilience and leading to better performance, less absenteeism and less presenteeism.

What’s our solution?

Fresh Air Fridays provides innovative programmes that create positive, sustainable change.

Wellbeing for Business is an innovative 12-session programme, run over three or six months, that helps your organisation to achieve more by bringing out the very best in your staff.

The programme motivates staff and enables them to be more resilient, productive and creative, improving their problem solving and communication skills. The programme runs over 12 or 24 weeks to encourage the development of new habits to support these changes.

The skills taught as part of this structured programme improve wellness and employee engagement and combining this with walking outside in green space maximises learning and change.

As an organisation you will have happier, more motivated, more engaged, more cohesive teams, with skills that will increase their mental and emotional resilience leading to better performance, less absenteeism and less presenteeism.

Wellbeing for Leaders is an in-depth, ten-session programme, specifically for leaders, that runs over the course of a year.

Each session takes place outdoors with leaders learning tools and techniques that enable them to think more clearly, build more effective teams and enhance their resilience. The programme builds over the course of the year.

This programme provides an opportunity for leaders to take time away from the office with their peers to really hear themselves and each other. We know this can be hugely beneficial on both an individual and team basis.

We decided to pilot the Fresh Air Fridays - Wellbeing that Works programme. The results were amazing!

These are some of the most impressive results I have seen from a course in my career and I am confident that any business would benefit from adopting the same approach.

Director of People Transformation Angela Lewis, Companies House

I am more open minded in the way that I think, I am less judgmental of other people and find it much easier to take a step back in my own life when I am faced with a tough situation.

I also feel that I am armed with the tools to build the life that I want and that I am in control of.


The facilitator’s style is relaxed, kind and doesn’t force you to believe anything, instead she is encouraging, informative and enables you to make your own decisions about what works best for you.

I can’t thank you enough for the impact you've had!


Fresh Air Fridays is a great experience.

Learning to manage the stress of work and home life, looking at things from a different angle, understanding the importance of stopping and breathing, all whilst getting outdoors, bonding with others and improving your general positivity and outlook on life.

Without a doubt I’d recommend it.


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