Ian Crocker


Guildford, Surrey


07866 562957

My love of Fresh Air Fridays started the moment it was introduced to me. It struck a chord immediately. Here was an opportunity to have some regular structured time to gather my thoughts, clear my head and help me to be the best possible version of me. What’s not to love?!

Once I had experienced a Fresh Air Fridays session with Jeanette in Arlesford I was hooked! I have always loved being outdoors. I have always known that to be of my best I need to spend time looking after myself. Fresh Air Fridays brings those two things together.

My work with those in career transition has always been about helping them to clear their heads, organise their thoughts, set their priorities and celebrate their successes. Fresh Air Fridays helps to do that.

I would love you to join me and others in investing some time in yourself.


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Friday 21st December 2018 - Fresh Air Fridays with Ian
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