The beginning

Ruth’s daughter, Katharine, was recovering from anorexia and, having developed the skills needed to support her, Ruth decided that it was time to create a new business that served and supported others.

The concept of Fresh Air Fridays was developed and built into a programme, with sessions starting in South Wales. One of the first facilitators to join Ruth was Rose, who would soon become Fresh Air Fridays co-founder.

The now

Ruth and Rose are co-creating a business that supports the mental and emotional wellbeing of people across the country.  They are doing this by building a community of facilitators to deliver the programme in businesses and communities across the country.

Beginning in South Wales in 2015, there are now a team of 12 facilitators running programmes across Wales and into southern England towards London.


The future

Ruth and Rose’s ambition is to have facilitators covering all areas of the UK, to enable as many people as possible to access Fresh Air Fridays and learn the tools and techniques to enable them to look after their own wellbeing.