Fresh Air Fridays is a self-development community which gives you time in the right environment to create the balance you need to live a happy, healthy life. We do this by guiding you through a process of 12 themes whilst being outside in nature. 1 in 4 people in the UK suffer some sort of mental ill health. At Fresh Air Fridays we teach skills that help prevent you suffering in this way. Most of us know how to look after our physical health, but fewer of us know how to look after our mental and emotional well-being. We help you do that.

Who is it for?

Pretty much everyone, but you particularly if you know that life is a journey and you want to create the best journey you possibly can. It is also for you if you are too busy, feeling overwhelmed, worrying about stuff, stuck in your work or home life or just know that you really need some space! It will make your family life easier, your work life better and you will feel happier. It is relaxed, easy and great fun – we would love you to join us! Try us out for FREE – come on a session near you

Start your journey today. Watch our video.

  • For total well being we all need time in nature.
  • Proven program for personal and business growth.
  • Move your body and still your mind.
  • Time out to create more focussed time in.

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Fresh Air Fridays - Muddy Boots

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