About Fresh Air Fridays

What we believe

Fresh Air Fridays is a community where you are accepted just as you are.  We believe that everyone deserves to be happy and that your success follows your happiness.  In order for us to thrive, we believe we all need time in a natural environment. We support you to have that time and teach you skills that enable you to grow in both your personal and work life.

What we do

Each of our facilitators’ runs a monthly out-door session where they teach you skills that support your work and home life.  They teach you relaxation techniques and create space for you to be fully in the present moment. We have a vibrant on line community where you can ask questions, get support or share ideas. We provide materials that support you in the skills that we teach.  Members are able to attend as many sessions as they choose.

What Happens on a Fresh Air Friday?

Your facilitator leads you through a series of exercises whist going for a gentle walk (typically 2.5-3 miles) some of which will be off paths. There will be a breathing exercise, a chance to introduce yourself, an exploration of the months theme, a snack break, a releasing exercise and some relaxation. You need to know nothing in advance as everything will be explained to you.  The session happens whatever the weather so dress accordingly.

What this does for you

This proven set of skills is already changing the lives of many people, making them happier more focused more mentally resilient and more successful in all aspects of their life.  Our members are taught to find their inner wisdom so they can experience the lives the want to lead now! If you know you need to look after your mental and emotional well being, if you want more happiness and more success in your home and business life; if you are spending too much time working in your business and not on it, if you are feeling stressed or overwhelmed then come along and let us support you. Try your first Fresh Air Friday for FREE.

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It was an exhilarating experience. Walking in full awareness and connection with others who are open to that experience was an absolute joy, and I could feel my entire body relaxing in a deep and powerful way. Thank you for creating this opportunity; it, you and everyone behind it deserve to be very successful. I’m looking forward to the next step on that journey.

Martin Collinson

Fresh air Friday has made me re-evaluate my work life balance and has given me the freedom to appreciate all the little things in life again. I look forward to them every month!!

Ali Semmens

We're looking for walk facilitators

If you love helping others and can see yourself leading a group that both you and they would benefit from, then please get in touch.
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